Mens Waxing

Men’s Waxing & Grooming: 20% Off First Visit!

Fellas, it is no longer a social taboo to look after your appearance outside of your own bathroom!

Finding a good therapist who is properly trained in doing male waxing treatments such as Back Wax, Chest Wax and Shoulder Waxing can be a challenge; however, the therapists at Glo Beauty Salon are trained to perfection, and are among the best waxing specialists in the UK.

Although male waxing service has become a norm in recent years, we understand that it can still be very stressful to take  time out of your busy schedule to fit in a well deserved treat. That is why we’ve decided to make it super convenient for you. With suitable opening open hours of early mornings, late evenings, and the swiftness of our beauticians, we’ll make quick job of your grooming requirements.
We offer this in private area, where you can be looked after and put at ease even if you are virgin to waxing. So just image; no more self-waxing disasters! You can just relax, and get a guilt-free  grooming service you deserve!

Getting male waxing treatments has never been easier, so get grooming, get smoothed out, with Glo Beauty Salons, come summer or winter.

PS: The 20% Discount on our Male Waxing Service is only valid Monday to Friday before 5pm; after 5pm & weekends you’ll can still get 10% Discount if it is your first time. Better still, why not get a course of 4-6 treatments and save 20% Overall on our impeccable Male Waxing Treatments.


Waxing for Men

Eyebrow Shaping £10
Forearm £18
Full Arm Waxing £25
Half Leg Waxing £25
Shoulders/Abdomen £15
Upper/Lower Back Wax £20
Chest Waxing £25
Full Back Waxing £30
Full Front Torso £35
Full Back & Chest Waxing* £45


Intimate Waxing for Men

Buttocks Wax (Strip) £20
Full Leg Wax (Strip) £35
Back, Sack & Crack £45
Brazilian Wax (Hot) £50
Hollywood Wax (Hot) £50